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Have things you need to get done around the house? Need to sell your property or just make sure it is taken care in the mean time? Give a call today.

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From snow storms to hurricanes, and everything in between; we have what you need to get back to right and on the way.

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What Do We Offer?

Renta-Spouse Home and Property Solutions is the best place to turn for your home and property in and around Wayne County, NC.

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Home Improvements

With over 35 years of professional experience, Renta-Spouse can find the solution with ease.

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Property Preservation

Need someone you can trust to make sure it looks it's best? We have you covered 24/7.

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Tough Job?

We work with several business networks in the area, which always helps to get the job done.

What are we about?

Since starting out as the local handy-man, Renta-Spouse has become a part of every family around.
Get to know who works for you.

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Jammie works as the lead supervisor for the company, caring for employees and the customer.

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D.A. Stuart


D.A. Stuart started Renta-Spouse in 1989 and even after 26 years, still actively works each day to lead the company and it's future into tomorrow.

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Office Coordinator

Angie's role includes managing clerical and personnel operations for the company.

About Us

Renta-Spouse was started in 1989 when full-time police Officer D.A. Stuart bought the Hollowell House on South William Street, and found that it was too costly to renovate it’s historic 24 rooms to livable condition using the high priced area contractors. Officer Stuart took a year off from full time law enforcement to do nothing but work on his newly purchased money pit himself, but volunteering his abilities to the Revolving Fund of the Wayne County Historical Association, soon was called upon by some of the members to do a few small jobs for them.... and then their friends...and soon this snowballed into a full time job and he got to work on his house less and less. The one year turned into several years and the company Renta-Spouse came into existence and is rapidly becoming a household name.

From locks to leaks, glass to gutters, grass to trash and just about anything in between! (Because we love a challenge). We’re even the ones to call when you don’t know who to call!! Because if by chance you ask us to do a job we are not capable of doing, we will tell you up front, and we’ll even go so far as to refer you to someone that we feel will do a good job for a good price!

We're Growing

With such a wide assortment of services and affiliates, we're always interested in growing.
Looking to be endorsed as a professional specialist in our network? That's easy too.
Click below to find out how you can join the team today!

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What Do Our Past Clients Say?

We can't say how much we appreciate being able to work with and for each of our clients.
Helping people to find the solutions needed to get the job done is what makes all the difference.

"Renta-Spouse is one of those companies that really make you feel like they care about helping you to help yourself. Would love to call for them again!"

Marsha C. Eastern, NC

"Sometimes the hardest part of getting something done is having the time to do it. Renta-Spouse really worked with my busy schedule and even came through for me while working out of town. A+ Services."

Jon N. Central, NC

"Sometimes you find yourself putting things off until you just can't stand to wait anymore. Then it's time to call in the handy-man, the Renta-Spouse handy-man!"

Dave D. Central, NC

"Let us help you, to do your honey-do!"

Prices and Services

While we would love to include all of our prices and services, developing solutions for just about anything out there often requires new approaches. Below is some of the more common and basic services we offer to help you take care of. Please know that these are no where near all that we offer and if you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call for a FREE estimate today!

Don't see it up here? No problem! Give us a call for a free estimate!

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By phone, in person, or email, we are here for you.

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